Where can I get references on local contractors?

We would always recommend you do your homework! Today many companies present themselves online as reliable contractors. In recent years; many organizations have been created to protect homeowners and provide information on contractors such as the Better Business Bureau or BBB. Referrals in our industry we feel are a very valuable reference and we recommend you consulting with your friends and neighbors for a reliable fence contractor they have used in the past.

Do all fence companies carry Interstate Products?

Like all industries; Interstate too has its competitors. Yet when selecting a high value quality fence; Interstate’s product mix can offer you the best products for all budgets. It’s important that you ask “What Makes an Interstate Fence Better” than all other fence products on the market today. If there is a product sample you may need or specific request of materials and design; we are happy to support your contractor to satisfy your request.

How can I find a contractor in my area who carry Interstate’s Fence:

We are more than happy to assist you in the selection process and make our recommendation of a contractor in your area. Simply provide us with your contact information along with critical details of your project; and we will make our recommendation of an Interstate Contractor in your area specific to the project and materials you are looking for: CLICK HERE!

What should I ask for before I invest in a fence?

You have made a great start by reading this information and familiarizing yourself with Interstate’s products. Selecting a suitable contractor is the second critical element to a successful fence project. Good Installers just like quality products help ensure your fence will be an investment in your home to last throughout the years.

Some recommended items to request from a contractor;

  1. Documentation regarding their Home Improvement License to verify they are authorized to perform installations in your State and Town.

  2. Documentation of Insurance; to ensure their workers and your property are protected against any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during an installation.

  3. CALL BEFORE YOU DIG: Any project which entails breaking soil require the contractor to coordinate with your local utility companies to identify underground objects such as gas, water and electric lines.

Do I need to maintain my Aluminum Fence?

Aluminum is a product which does not rust and its color finish is a powder coated back on enamel so there is no need to re-paint. It is recommended that homeowners do monitor the performance of gate hinges and latching hardware especially in pool situations.

Are there different grades of Aluminum Fence?

Jerith carries several grades of aluminum fence which range from a residential grade typical for the common residential application to a heavier grade for commercial/industrial applications. Whatever the at hand may be; feel confident Jerith has a solution. Consult your contractor for their expert recommendation on the grade of fence for your project.

Which styles are best for pools?

The following styles have been engineered by Jerith to satisfy U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) Swimming Pool Enclosure Code:

Styles: #101 Modified, #200 Modified, #202 Modified, Ovation, #111 Modified, #211 Modified, Bravo, Symphony, Concord Modified

Be sure to verify the requirements for swimming pool fencing in your area before ordering.

What are the most common applications of Aluminum Fencing?

Aluminum Fence is most commonly recommended as a pool enclosure as well as a perimeter fence where privacy is not an issue.

Does Interstate Manufacture their own line of Aluminum Fence?

Interstate represents and supplies aluminum fence products from a manufacturer in the USA named Jerith Aluminum Fence. Jerith Aluminum Fence has been nationally distributed and installed since 1961. Jerith is the highest regarded product in the industry and satisfies the most stringent of residential and commercial specifications. Interstate is the exclusive dealer of the Jerith Liberty Fence Line in the North East; ask for it by name!

Aluminum Fence? But I thought we wanted Wrought Iron!