Interstate FAQ’s
Where can I get references on local contractors?

We would always recommend you do your homework! Today many companies present themselves online as reliable contractors. In recent years; many organizations have been created to protect homeowners and provide information on contractors such as the Better Business Bureau or BBB. Referrals in our industry we feel are a very valuable reference and we recommend you consulting with your friends and neighbors for a reliable fence contractor they have used in the past.

Do all fence companies carry Interstate Products?

Like all industries; Interstate too has its competitors. Yet when selecting a high value quality fence; Interstate’s product mix can offer you the best products for all budgets. It’s important that you ask “What Makes an Interstate Fence Better” than all other fence products on the market today. If there is a product sample you may need or specific request of materials and design; we are happy to support your contractor to satisfy your request.

How can I find a contractor in my area who carry Interstate’s Fence:

We are more than happy to assist you in the selection process and make our recommendation of a contractor in your area. Simply provide us with your contact information along with critical details of your project; and we will make our recommendation of an Interstate Contractor in your area specific to the project and materials you are looking for: CLICK HERE!