Our wood picket styles are a great option for fencing off your front yard. We offer (5) picket styles constructed with a true #1 grade 1″x4″ cedar board nailed onto a spruce 2″x3″ back rail. These five picket styles in their standard construction are considered to be single sided with a distinct face and back. Single sided picket styles can be converted to a double sided fence by sandwiching the picket with 1″x4″ face and back rails. We also offer (4) high end spindle styles constructed with 100% clear western red cedar. These spindle styles with 1.5″ x 1.5″ cedar spindles and are considered to be a double sided neighbor friendly fence. Both Picket & Spindle styles are straight, scalloped and crowned in heights of 3’up to 6′ foot high. Custom options are available to include special heights and rail options of 2″x3″ cedar, 2″x4″ cedar and 2’x3″ cedar dowelled construction.

Picket Style Products:

Spaced Picket Style Fences

North Carolina
* Also Available in Scalloped