Interstate Wholesale Fence located at 1084 Sunrise Highway in Amityville, has proudly been servicing Fence Contractors throughout the Northeast since 1987. So if you are looking for a company that specializes with the wholesale wood fence in West Point NY, Interstate Wholesale Fence is the company you want to reach out to.

Choosing A Trusted Wholesale Company in NY

Interstate Wholesale Fence manufactures products that are designed, tested and proven to last from the day of completion to well into the future. With well over 55 styles of wood & vinyl fence available, you are given the opportunity to create a custom and unique fence.

During your search with the Wholesale wood fence in West Point NY, note that there are a variety of choices.

Some have a favorable desire for wood grain fences. Our wood grain fence however, is incomparable to other composite fences on the market.

We offer many different designs and styles to fit any taste or budget

At Interstate Wholesale Fence we offer an immense line of Wood Grain styles along with gates to appeal to your fence needs. Our Cedar grain fencing was developed to look like natural wood, with the low maintenance advantages of vinyl.

We also have this style available in cypress and sandstone. To view photos of each style, click on the tab labeled “Wood Grain” this will send you to another area on the website to observe the different styles and looks, which will allow you to compare each and see which one you favor.

With being on the lookout for wholesale wood fence in West Point NY, keep in mind that Interstate Wholesale Fence will travel. We take pride in what we offer. We have to be doing something correct if we have been in business for well over 30 years no?

Get Premium Fence Materials in West Point NY

We also create custom wood fences. Not only will we provide you with a gorgeous grain but each one will be appealing to the eye with a custom cut. As previously stated, we have over 55 styles to choose from which you can view under the tab “Custom Wood”. Each style is unique and can be customized to your preference. We even have different styles of hinges for you to choose from!

A Premier Fence Company Serving New York & The Surrounding Regions

As far as Vendors go, Interstate Wholesale Fence, located in Amityville, is without a doubt the better we are an outstanding bunch to work with. If you need sufficient evidence of this, make sure you take a look at our testimonials. Click on “Why Interstate?” then click on the drop screen “Testimonials”. Here you will find the reviews of our satisfied customers.

Wholesale Wood Fence In West Point NY

Once you are content with your search, you should give us a call at 1-866-GO-FENCE (1-866-463-3623) to discuss with us your plans and what it is you are looking for us to do for you.

We are more than confident of being able to assist you in any way you require with the wholesale wood fence in West Point NY. Or you can send us an email from our website. Click on “Locate A Dealer” and fill out the form, and we will be able to help you locate a dealer!