If you have a customer or client that is after vinyl fencing for the front yard, back yard, pool area or a specific zone in their garden, you may be thinking what sort of option should you help them choose. There is a lot of choice available when it comes to vinyl fences and you can find a great selection on our website or by speaking to one of our expert professionals. However, if you are looking for a wholesale vinyl fence in Scranton PA then here are some of the styles and options that are available to you. 


One of the main options and happens to be very popular is the private option that vinyl fences can give you. They are safe and secure, easy to maintain and come in an array of colors including gray, white, cedar and sandstone to name a few. You will also find that a private option is ideal for any customers or clients of yours that have seclusion in their home. This can also be a great option for any business owners who have outside areas that they are wanting to remain private and secure. 


This is an ideal option for anyone who is looking for some privacy but they are hoping to let some light in as well. It can give you the best of both worlds and much like the private option comes in different styles and also colors. This is another popular choice amongst customers looking for a modern approach to their front or back yards. 

Picket fence

Many people dream of the white picket fence and so now they can create it when it comes to having a vinyl fence installed on their home. Many people like this style when it comes to front yards and you can choose a few different styles varying on what you are after. Like the private and semi-private options you can also get different colors so could definitely work for your customer. Picket fences also work well to create zones in larger back yard plots or for pool areas. 

Post and rail

If you have a customer or client that has a large area or big plot of yard area then a post and rail option could work really well. With this style you can have the standard and traditional post and rail look or include some modern design with a diamond shape or cross buck. Again like all of the other vinyl styles available you can get different colors to suit your customers and clients needs. 

Pergolas and gates

Last of all, if your customer or client has a pergola or a gate needed to match the vinyl fence panels they have chosen then there are full customisation options available. 

If you are looking for a wholesale vinyl fence in Scranton PA then Interstate Visions has you covered. Get in touch today for more information on how we can help you and your customers choosing the right fence for them. 

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