If you are a fencing contractor looking for a reliable wholesale vinyl fence Kingston NY supplier, look no further. We stock:

  • Various different styles of vinyl fencing
  • Aluminum fences and gates
  • Different designs of custom wood
  • Wood grain
  • Different types of chain link fences

We’ve been in operation since 1987 offering quality fencing products to contractors throughout the region. Why choose Interstate Visions?

We Offer a Wide Range of Products

We cater to all fencing needs and different products including vinyl, aluminum, wood, and chain link. Other than the convenience of finding all fencing products in one place, you also have a more comprehensive variety to choose from. If you are looking for a catalog for your clients, check what we have.  Even when you don’t have an idea of what to use at your next job, we help you choose the best design and product depending on your client’s style, budget, and area to be fenced.

We Have the Experience

Being in the wholesale vinyl fence Kingston NY industry for more than 30 years has taught us many tricks and techniques we strive to pass on to our clients. We also don’t settle but keep up with the market demands and technology changes to assure our clients of the latest fencing styles and techniques that will serve them for long.  When you buy our products, be assured of a partner to work with you to give your clients the best experience.

We Offer Customizable Designs

Customers have different tastes and preferences, and sometimes it’s hard to find one product that fits all. You don’t have to worry because we work with you to create fencing solutions customizable to your client’s needs. Just come, give us a brief of the product, design, and material to use, and we shall deliver the exact products you need. You can also choose from our over 55 styles of customizable vinyl and wood fences.

We Have What It Takes to Deliver

We have enough equipment and workforce to work on any quote regardless of the size and urgency. You don’t have to worry about missed deadlines, not getting enough products when you have a big contract or getting substandard products. All the materials we use are tested and proven to withstand extreme weather conditions. You are assured of durable products that will serve your clients for many years with little maintenance. We have top of the range manufacturers who pay attention to detail when building the fences. To make things even better, you don’t have to worry about transport because we arrange it for you. Our capable drivers will ensure the products get to you safely and on time.

We Build Lasting Relationships with Our Clients

We strive to craft wholesale vinyl fence Kingston NY products that would appeal to your market demands and make sure you get the best deals. We listen to you, care about your business and work hard to ensure the end-user, your client is satisfied.

We are the Top Quality Fence Wholesaler in Kingston! Interstate is the go-to for high-grade materials at a great value!