Vinyl fences are some of the best options when it comes to fencing. They are easy to install and durable. In addition to that, they come in various designs so you can choose one that you find most appropriate for your property. Choosing a wholesale supplier for a vinyl fence in Connecticut shouldn’t be too hard, but you need to choose one that will give you what you need and make your money worth it.

Choose Interstate Visions Wood And Vinyl Fence for your wholesale vinyl fence Connecticut needs. We know all there is to know bout vinyl fences, which means that we give you the best options in the market. We have been in the business for years so we can advise any property owners or fencing contractors that need to do business with us.

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Why Choose Us


We are a licensed business so all the materials you buy from us are guaranteed to be the real deal. You can rest assured that you are buying the best products for your fence and that they are durable. We are skilled in vinyl fence installation and repair processes which means that you can come to us if you need the materials for that. Buying our vinyl fence products guarantees you that you will not have to deal with a damaged fence caused by poor quality materials.

Plenty of Experience

We are experts on vinyl fences so we can advise you on the best designs for your property and also tell you how much materials are needed to do the job sufficiently. Our team is patient and always willing to help so you can call us to get more information on vinyl fences. We know how vinyl is vulnerable and we can give you maintenance tips to ensure the fence lasts longer.

Solid Reputation

The customers that have worked with us can provide accurate testimonials about the efficiency of our company. We always ensure that we get the order details right, we do the deliveries on time and we deal with any mishaps quickly and efficiently. We understand that getting materials to our clients on time is of the utmost importance so e have invested in the best transportation to ensure we deliver the materials on time.

Quality Products At Affordable prices

We never compromise on the quality of the products that we sell to our customers. We know how disastrous it can be to pay too much for the best then have to deal with low-quality products. This is something that will never happen to our clients. We can assure you that choosing us means that you are choosing the right materials that are of the greatest quality.

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