Vinyl is stable and has been in the industry for over two decades. If you need access to wholesale vinyl fence Collegeville PA services, continue reading why Interstate Visions has been supplying high-grade vinyl fence materials to our valued customers and contractors.

Here are few little facts about vinyl fences:

  • Vinyl fences are eco-friendly.
  • The fences can last more than two decades.
  • Vinyl fences are impervious to pests, prolonging their durability.
  • Vinyl fences are resistant to wind damage due to their slight flexibility.
  • Vinyl fences come into two types; recycled vinyl and virgin vinyl.

We wouldn’t blame you if you initially had skepticism about vinyl fencing. With the myths surrounding vinyl, you had all the rights to doubt. But once you look at an array of benefits of vinyl fences, it would be a mistake not to consider fencing using this stable and durable fabric.

Benefits of Wholesale Vinyl Fencing in Collegeville PA

Vinyl fencing has several benefits, including:

1.      Easy Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your vinyl fence is a hassle-free affair. You can clean it using a wash mitt and a garden hose. Moreover, it doesn’t require vigorous routine maintenance; do it once a year.

Surprisingly, vinyl maintains its color, so you won’t incur costs repainting or worry about staining like you would with a wood fence. And due to little maintenance needed, you’ll save money and time on repairs and supplies.

More so, you don’t need an expert to clean the fence. It’s a simple, DIY exercise that won’t cost you’re a fortune. Vinyl fencing is a perfect choice for homeowners who want a beautiful fence with minimal maintenance.

Vinyl is not graffiti-proof, but you’ll have easy time cleaning. Alternatively, use 400 grit sandpaper to remove stubborn stains.

2.  Flexibility

Flexibility is the selling point of vinyl fences. Combined with their strength, they are resistible to harsh winds, taxing winters, and string precipitation. The flexibility allows them to stay put and remain stunning.

The flexibility makes the fence an ideal choice for fencing in horses. It prevents the horses from getting harmed. That’s why you’ll mostly find vinyl fences in equine facilities.

Fencing can be expensive, especially with materials like wood. However, vinyl fencing offers a complete experience. Many homeowners tackle that task, single-handedly. The pieces will easily slide and lock in places seamlessly.

Even hiring someone to fix your vinyl fence is cost-effective compared to wrought iron fencing. And once it gets installed, you don’t get worried about staining or painting it.

3.      Strong

The vinyl fence is five times stronger than the wood counterpart. It doesn’t fall prey to pests or rust. It also doesn’t decompose so that it can last for decades.

More so, it doesn’t absorb moisture; hence it can rot, peel, or blister. The longevity means the fences are safe near a swimming pool. You won’t worry during the rainy seasons since they will still be in good condition.

Get Best Vinyl Fence at an Affordable Price

Vinyl fence is not only durable but also stable. Since 1987,  Interstate Visions is your reliable wholesale vinyl fence Collegeville PA; we offer exceptional services and deliver on time.

We boast of a dedicated and hardworking team that ensures deliveries are on time to all the contractors. Give us a call today and get vinyl fences at wholesale prices.  

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