When supplying top quality wholesale vinyl fence Collegeville PA we are often faced with questions as to why this is a suitable option for contractors to have in stock. A vinyl fence is often not the first choice for their customers but we believe there are a number of reasons why having the option of supplying a vinyl fence to your customers is something to consider. With that in mind, here are some of the reasons you could present to your customers if they are unsure of whether this is the right option for them. 

Why buy a top quality vinyl fence?

There are a number of reasons why this could be the right option for you business and indeed your customers. Here are some of the common misconceptions and reasons why you should. 

It is a private option

There are a number of different size options that you can consider when it comes to vinyl fencing and if you have a customer that wants to have privacy then this could be the best option for them. 

It is low maintenance

Often fencing can need maintenance over time, but as a contractor you will know that many customers want a low maintenance option when it comes to things like fences. This is when a vinyl fence could be the option to consider. Another major benefit is that it doesn’t need painting to be protected, and there is no need for chemicals to protect against things like termites. 

Easy to clean

If you have a customer that wants a pristine look then a vinyl fence option could be a good consideration. It doesn’t need scrubbing or masses of effort to keep clean, a simple sponge and soapy water will do the trick. 

There is no rot or rust

Watering your lawn areas won’t stain the vinyl fence and the posts won’t rot away in the ground. As there is no metal involved there is no possibility of rust either so it can be the perfect choice for your customers. 


If your customer lives in an area with adverse weather conditions they will find that vinyl fences are much more durable against wind and storms. Our top quality wholesale vinyl fence Collegeville PA is also a built in barrier with protection against UV rays so this could also be a great option for areas that have a lot of direct sunlight. 

Easy to install 

As a contractor and supplier, you will always want something that looks fantastic but is also quick and easy to install. This is when vinyl fencing can give you both of those things. Once the post-holes are dug, and the posts are secured in the holes, the rails are inserted in the fence, followed by the pickets. If you want a fence with panels, they are also easy to install.

Recyclable and non-toxic

If you have a customer that has a focus on being kinder to the environment then this option could be a good one because the fence panels are recycled and they also don’t have any toxic chemicals used to create them. If you want any more information on how you can get top quality wholesale vinyl fence Collegeville PA then get in touch with us today. 

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