Choosing a PVC style fence for your customers and clients might seem like a difficult choice, especially if you are unsure on what to recommend. There are different styles of PVC fencing that you can choose. If you are looking for a top quality wholesale PVC fence in Kingston NY then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the options and choices that you can give your customers and clients. 

Private and Semi-privacy style 

A private style is safe and secure whereas a semi-privacy style will allow light and air to pass through the fence and give your outside area a more open feel. There are two styles that you can consider, the South Dakota and Colorado style. There are also eight different color options that you can choose such as white, tan, adobe, gray, cedar, sandstone, cypress, and black. They also have height ranges from three to eight feet high. The great thing about this is that there are matching gates as well. 

Picket fence style

There is also the opportunity to consider a full line of picket designs which are perfect for front yards or pool areas. These styles are available in different sizes to match what your customer and clients requirements may be. There are also seven colors available which include Tan, white, gray, cedar, sandstone and cypress. You can also use a combination of these colors which could look very modern and attractive. 

Post rail option

If your customer and client is looking for a more standard and traditional fence with a post and rail then we can supply a few different options and styles for you. You have the standard post and rail, the crossbuck or the diamond style to choose from. You can also get them in different colors such as white, tan, adobe, gray, cedar, sandstone and Cypress. 

With the PVC fencing options you can also consider other factors when it comes to your customer and clients backyard designs. There are options that will include handrails, pergolas, caps and hardware options. There are also PVC toppers that can go on to picket style fencing or sem-private options. There is so much you can choose from. What’s more, when it comes to choosing a PVC fence there are some other great benefits and reasons. 

Easy to install – it is simple and easy to install this sort of fencing to your customer’s front or back yard.

Easy to clean and maintain – for your customers and clients, these options are easy to clean and maintain. Soap and water is all that is needed to get them clean and they don’t need any treatments to help them when it comes to adverse weather conditions. 

Modern looks – they can also be very modern when it comes to the design and overall look. This can be suitable when it comes to backyards and front yards that want a minimalist approach. 

If you are looking for a top quality wholesale PVC fence in Kingston NY then get in touch for more details and we will be happy to discuss your needs. 

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