Not that we are bragging, but Interstate Wholesale Fence is by far the Top Quality Fence Wholesaler Poughkeepsie NY! Proudly serving the Northeast area since 1987, Interstate Wholesale Fence is dedicated to following through with every sale we make. 

Our team in the sales department was created and designed with experienced employees who will guide you and assist you in all aspects of the trade. From simple to complex deals and recommendations that this trade throws at you our team is there. Once we have made the commitment to the contractors, the manufacturing team takes over. Equipped with a fine group of professional engineers, we take each job on to ensure the craftsmanship is nothing short of elaborate. In order for us to continue serving the Northeast we have to be perfectionists. We can not derail from the promise we make our contractors with the satisfaction of their customers. Once everything is approved, our drivers carefully and promptly deliver the products on site. This way you do not have to worry about using a third party driving company.  We want to show that each department is fully committed to you throughout the process. And even after the sale is completed, we are committed to you. 

Quality Wholesale Fences in Poughkeepsie NY

We have a fantastic warranty set in place for you. To view the warranty we offer please visit our website at Once you are there click on “Resources” and the drop link with provide you with the link to our warranty. Please read it thoroughly. If you have any questions regarding what we offer, do not hesitate on calling us at 1-866-GO-FENCE. That number again is 1-866-463-3623. You will also find under “Resources” our FAQ area and a printable brochure. To be the Top Quality Fence Wholesaler Poughkeepsie NY, you need to show it with backup testimonials. While you are on our website be sure to view them. You can find that link under the “why Interstate?” dropdown menu. 

If you go to our webpage you will find everything you need to know about our fabulous company and the wonderful team we have assembled to assist our contractors and their needs. We customize the fencing as well as provide you the best quality fence and gates imaginable. Nothing short of impeccable. The departments at Interstate Wholesale Fence are elite, knowledgeable, and reliable. Should there be some sort of issue, we will gladly fix it for you. 

If you are interested in working with a top quality fence wholesaler Poughkeepsie NY, Interstate Wholesale Fence is the best option for you. Please do not hesitate on giving us a call at our corporate building located in Amityville New York, at 1-866-463-3623.  We are happy to assist you and answer all questions you may have. Or visit our webpage at We have provided you as a viewer with more than enough information as to why you should choose us to be your wholesaler for all your needs in the contracting world with this trade.  

If you need a Fence Wholesaler, choose Interstate Visions. Click here to learn more about us.