Interstate Visions Wholesale Fence is a reliable wholesale fencing materials supplier.  We work with contractors all over the Northeast, providing high-grade raw materials that make us the top quality fence wholesaler Collegeville PA!

  • Our company supplies a wide range of products to contractors in various states in the USA.
  • We have dedicated our operations to produce high-quality products.
  • We partner with other renowned manufacturers to increase the range of products in our catalog.
  • We issue warranties for our products.

If you are a fencing contractor looking for a reliable supplier for materials, you should turn to Interstate Vision Wholesale Fence. Interstate is one of the largest suppliers of wholesale fencing materials in the Northeast. Since 1987, our company has gained a reputation for providing our customers with trusted services and high-quality products at affordable rates.

Interstate specializes in wood, aluminium, and vinyl fencing products and supplies to contractors throughout states such as Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and more. Moreover, it recommends certified fence contractors to individuals who have an upcoming fencing project for their home or business.

The Interstate team consists of individuals who are skilled and experienced in the fencing trade. The sales team comprises knowledgeable individuals who are always available.  The staff also guides contractors in making orders and recommends the most suitable materials for simple and complex projects.

Our dedicated manufacturing team is always working hard to ensure that our fences exude the most sophisticated craftsmanship. Finally, their drivers ensure that their fencing materials are delivered safe and sound to our customers.

All the products are manufactured by Interstate Vision Wholesale Fence in Long Island in New York, and the company is proud to claim that all its products come from the USA. Quality is the foundation of our engineering and manufacturing teams, and our fences and gates withstand the test of time.

At Interstate Vision Wholesale Fence, the quality of raw materials is a top priority. We strive to ensure that our products originate from the highest grade of raw materials available. Interstate Vision Wholesale Fence values its customers’ support/feedback to improve the quality of our products. This practice helps us to stay ahead of competitors.


 Interstate Vision Wholesale Fence partners with various organizations to diversify their products’ catalog and guarantee customer satisfaction. For instance, the company supplies aluminum fencing products from a USA based manufacturer known as Jerith Aluminium Fence.

 The company has been in business since 1961, and it distributes products nationally. Jerith is renowned all over the USA for producing some of the highest quality products in the industry, which meets the needs of many commercial and residential clients.


In addition to offering high-quality products and services to their customers, Interstate Vision Wholesale Fence also issues a warranty for their products under a set of specific terms and conditions.


Although the company does not deal with clients at the individual level, they are always willing to recommend some of their contractors to people who require fencing services. They also offer these individuals information on the factors they should look out for before selecting a contractor to cater to their fencing needs.

 For Wholesale Fence Services in Collegeville PA, Interstate is the go-to for high-grade materials at a great value! Click here to learn more.