The South Dakota style is our most commonly sold & affordable semi-privacy fence section and gate. This style is typically installed as a neighbor friendly rear & side yard fence. These sections are manufactured with a 6″ wide board which are spaced 1/2″ apart and a heavy duty 2″x6″ steel reinforced bottom rail. The South Dakota style can stand on its own or you can add a Lattice and Spindle topper for a more decorative look. We offer the South Dakota fence and matching gate in scalloped and crowned designs. The South Dakota style is available in (7) Colors – White, Tan, Adobe, Gray, Cedar, Sandstone, and Cypress or any combinations of these colors as well as in heights ranging from 3 to 8′ feet high.

South Dakota Products

Open Spindle

South Dakota Open Spindle

South Dakota

South Dakota Closed Spindle

Deluxe Square

South Dakota Deluxe Square Lattice

Mini Diagonal

South Dakota Mini Diagonal & Square Lattice

Interstate Visions

South Dakota Scalloped Open Spindle