Vermont is a full privacy single sided fence style with an “eased point” 1″x4″ picket design. The Vermont style can often be mistaken as a Stockade Section from afar; yet the Vermont section is an upgrade and features a 4″ wide board which is flat and not rounded. This style is a great option for your rear yard and compliments very nicely with our picket fence: the North Carolina style for your front yard. These sections can be installed post between with a decorative post & cap or installed with a standard post behind. Vermont sections can be modified in a scallop or crowned design. Vermont is available in 4, 5, 6 & 8′ high panels. Custom options are available to include custom heights, board sizes of 1″x6″, rail upgrades of 2″x3″ cedar, 2″x4″ cedar and 2’x3″ cedar dowelled construction.