Contractors, it isn’t easy to keep up with clients’ standards today, is it? You need a fence wholesaler Collegeville PA who provides top quality materials, to exceed your clients’ expectations. With so many companies on the market, customers aren’t scared to run to a competitor if they don’t get what they want. Combine this with the fact that the internet makes everyone an expert in the construction industry, and you’ve got a sticky situation.

One area you can take care of is your inventory. By investing in the best fencing materials and supplies on the market, you know that you are one step closer to making your customers happy. Here are four reasons why you should choose Interstate Visions Wholesale Fence, a fence wholesaler Collegeville PA you can trust.

We Trade Wholesale

The wholesaler part of our name might have given it away, but we are very proud of your setup and want everyone to understand the benefits of dealing with a fence wholesaler Collegeville PA. Not only are the prices lower because you get to cut out the middleman, but the process is much smoother, too. You can contact a team member directly on 1-866-GO-FENCE to place or track an order, or simply use our easy-to-navigate website. For you, less stress means you can invest time and money back into your business.

Customization Is Our Thing

Lots of fencing wholesale companies in PA and the US claim to offer a wide range of fencing products and accessories. However, most don’t compare to us, thanks to our inventory that has over 55 different styles of wood and vinyl fencing. Firstly, this lets you find the most suitable product for the job without having to compromise. Secondly, it gives you the option to create a unique fence like no other for the sake of your customers and clients. Originality is imperative, and we offer it to our partners in abundance.


Trust is a massive factor when you choose a fence wholesaler Collegeville PA. How they act plays a significant role in your final product, which impacts your brand. Therefore, you can’t take a risk and hope for the best. You need to ensure the fencing business is trustworthy and deliver on their promises. At Interstate Visions Wholesale Fence, we have over three decades of hands-on experience to lean on. As a result, we have seen and heard pretty much every quirky specification around, and we can tailor our products and services accordingly. We know how to get the job done right at the first attempt.

We’re Accessible

Although we’re located in New York, we don’t only serve our local area. Amityville NY means a lot to us, so we’re privileged to say that we have served the community for thirty years. Of course, we still ship to other parts of the US, making us an incredibly accessible partner you can rely on to source high-quality fencing supplies. That includes Collegeville PA, as well as the following locations:

  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island

If you trade in any of these regions, Interstate Visions Wholesale Fence is a fantastic partner that can provide you with original designs and reliability at affordable rates.

At Interstate Visions, we are the top-quality fence wholesaler in Collegeville PA! Check out our website for great value!