When looking for a top quality fence wholesaler Scranton PA, contractors might feel overwhelmed. Many businesses claim to have everything they need, from exceptional materials to a wealth of knowledge, but is this always true? Rarely. Because of this, contractors needed to identify the very best fence wholesaler in the Scranton area, and Interstate Visions fit the bill perfectly. 

Our products

Interstate Visions offer a wide range of products suitable for substantial fence installations, repair projects, and smaller demands that include accessory upgrades. Take a look at some of the products we offer. 

Fence materials 

We understand that everyone has unique preferences in how they want their fence to look, and this is why we provide a range of fence materials to help clients identify the perfect choice for their needs. 

Our fence materials include: 

  • Vinyl
  • Wood (Grain, Colors, and Custom)
  • Aluminum 
  • Rock 
  • Chain Link 
  • Specialty 

With this wide range of materials, we believe that there is a fence for everybody. From classic styles that range from picket fences to full-privacy designs to bespoke fencing models that capture the very essence of you, Interstate Visions is happy to provide advice and help contractors and clients pick the fence of their dreams. Our top quality fence wholesaler Scranton PA materials also guarantee safety, security, and durability, meaning they are built to last and perform precisely as intended. 


Interstate Visions knows that fences are not enough. Contractors also require all the necessary accessories to ensure stability, security, and style. As a top-quality fence wholesaler, we also stock a wide range of fence accessories which include: 

  • Caps
  • Hardware
  • Gates
  • Toppers 
  • Railings 
  • Slats 

These accessories add the finer details to your fences and make them more appealing as well as ensuring secure stability. Feel free to browse our range of accessories to determine which suit your fence the most or which styles you need for any commercial or home property. Whether you need to reinforce an existing fence with new posts or install fences with toppers, we have the answer.

What sets us apart 

Interstate Visions Wholesale Fence has served the north-east area, including Scranton, Newburgh, and Allentown, since 1987. Through the years, we have seen everything, and this makes us more qualified than anybody else to work with if your fence contracting business requires a top-quality fence wholesaler. 

As you can see, we offer a wide range of fencing materials that include wood, vinyl, rock, and chain-link styles that are suitable for any location, whether commercial or personal property. Our broad range of accessories adds the finishing touches to your fence, while our dedication to standing out means we strive to provide a personalized and unique result for all fencing needs. This enables us to create fences unlike anything else, which is the primary reason to choose Interstate Fencing above all others.

Get in touch 

For contractors in need of a Top Quality Fence Wholesaler Scranton PA don’t hesitate to get in touch with Interstate Visions today on 1-866-GO-FENCE. Our wide range of products and decades of experience mean we can answer all of your questions, provide advice, and point you in the right direction when selecting the perfect fencing materials and accessories for your clients.

Looking for the top quality fence wholesaler in Scranton PA? We’ve got you covered. Click here to learn more.